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From Backstage to Backcountry: Herding by Helicopter

As promised, I’m following up Fashion Week with some behind-the-scenes stories with you.

Today we’ll go from backstage NYC to backcountry NZ,  thanks to the wonders of video and one very generous helicopter pilot. Ready?

Last week, after Karen Walker‘s Fall 2010 show I snuck back to say hello and find out some details for Dossier. Specifically, I wanted to know about those shag-alicious sheepskin vests. Karen, like my brother-in-law Doug, happens to be Kiwi–which is to say, from New Zealand. Are the sheepskins Kiwi too? I wondered.

In Sheepskin Backstage, Hatnim Lee for Dossier Style

“They are!” exclaimed Karen. But she said they had a hell of a time finding just the right ones. “We had to go all the way to the south of the South Island,” she said. “The coldest part of the country.”

In Sheepskin Backcountry, Jenni Avins for Closettour

The coldest part of the country happens to be an area I know quite well. You may think I’m just some crazy city kid that runs around garment factories and fashion shows wearing overalls ironically, but I’ve actually herded sheep with the best of the best on New Zealand’s wild South Island.

Flying over New Zealand’s Southern Alps

After I left Edun, and before I went to journalism school, I took some time off down on the farm with my sister and her husband, Doug, who herds New Zealand Merinos–just the sort of sheep that shagged up Karen Walker’s collection. Usually we can get the job done with trucks, whistles and well-trained dogs, but sometimes we actually need to hop in a helicopter, depending on where those sheepies are grazing.

You might think someone’s stolen my password, but I’m totally serious. Here’s some original footage from my morning heli-herding with Doug’s next door neighbor. We flew from his farm, way beyond the timberline, and chased (or “mustered” in Kiwi terms) the herd back down to greener pastures.

From backcountry to backstage: it’s warm; it’s wild; it’s wool.



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Forever Loving Lynn

The former fashion columnist of the Village Voice may have to tighten her purse-strings a bit, as she has candidly reported in Vogue, but at the tents, Lynn Yaeger remained:

Silver slippered, fur-coated, still rocking her Goyard.

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A Formula for February

It’s getting to that point in Fashion Week, and in February, for that matter, when it’s getting difficult to get dressed. When uninspired, I find it’s good to look to my friends.

One in particular, the photographer Kristen Joy Watts, seems to have a winning formula for days like this, and it was oddly mirrored on the runway Tuesday night at A Détacher. Here’s how it goes: Start with a helping of Japanese minimalism (cocoon-shaped cardigans), stir in some pretty nostalgia for American grunge (maybe a skinniest-strapped printed slipdress), and add just the slightest bit of constructed design (Marni-ish volume at the neckline).

Because I’m not tall like Kristen, or those models, this look can read more “lumpy pile of sweaters” than “touchable tower of texture” on me, but I think I may have found an answer at A Détacher: a boxy Sienna pullover with little silk tap pants over ribbed tights. (I’ll need heels.) The girls at A Détacher got their dose of color with a dash of turquoise across their eyelids, but I think I’ll stick with Kristen’s prescription and get mine from a mimosa.

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F/W10 Fashion Week Part 1

Hi! Good thing I got those boots fixed, cause they’re running all over this fair city for Fashion Week. (Thank you, sun, for shining!)

Here are the shows and events I’ve covered over the last few days (those that don’t link aren’t up on Dossier yet, I’ll link them up as they come.)

Taking a load off Sunday morning at Lorick

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