All Laced Up: The Art of Corsetry

I’ve been told I need to get more comfortable in front of a camera, so I went and did one of the less comfortable things one might ever do, with or without the presence of a camera. I got fitted for a corset, for multimedia journalist Perry Santanachote‘s audio slideshow, The Corset Maker.

From Perry:

Angela Friedman manipulates flesh. In a cramped Manhattan studio, she cheerfully toils away at a dying art—one that requires a mastery of intricate and technical elements, like what Friedman coins, “the squish factor.” She currently manages the women’s costume department at the New York City Ballet.

Yep, that’s my “squish factor” they’re talking about. Who’s uncomfortable now?



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4 responses to “All Laced Up: The Art of Corsetry

  1. You’re beautiful Jenni! And even awesomer in a corset.

  2. I never had the opportunity to see someone in a corset that was tight fitting (a past girlfriend was the athletic type), so I really appreciate you sharing this with your readers.

    Where in NY is this shop?

  3. Hey, Miss Jenni! So glad you had such a good time. I’ll have to let you know next time I’m looking for corset models for samples. You have a lovely figure!

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