All’s Well That Ends Well

As I mentioned this morning, Day 2 of Fashion Week presented a bit of a challenge. It was the footwear, or rather, the combination of snow and footwear, that threw me. On Day 1 I wore my Yeti boots (and even got some love from NBC for it!), but today I planned to work straight through until an event this evening at the New York Public Library, and they just didn’t seem appropriate. 

Aftermath of Day 2 Dressing

My plan was to go straight to CUNY to get the pictures posted from yesterday’s Rachel Comey show, then pop by a panel on Entrepreneurial Journalism, then go to Gotham Hall for the Cynthia Rowley show, then go back to CUNY to write up yesterday’s John Patrick show, then go swim some laps and finally head to the Bryant Park Library around 8 for a party given by the CFDA and the South Korean Ministry of Culture.

Today’s Outfit: Designed for Endurance

But it seems every day needs a bit of drama. Yesterday my iPhone imploded (see new white one in photo above) and today CUNY was closed for Lincoln’s birthday. So, in place of actually attending the Paley Center panel on “Solving the Challenges of the News Frontier,” I set out to solve a few of my own–all of which stemmed from my lack of workplace and computer. 

Bill Blass Reading Room, New York Public Library

As I wrote this morning, I ended up at the library a bit sooner than I expected–not for a party, but to run up to the reading room and request reinforcements via a library laptop. I wasn’t carrying a laptop, but I was, however, carrying my portable hard drive, my camera, my cords, my iPhone, my FlipCam and my swimsuit. But the laptops at the library don’t have Firewire ports, so I was S.O.L., as they say. I broadcasted for help via Twitter, email, Facebook (maybe I forgot about Facebook), and text. Just two blocks west, at The New York Times building, a message landed in Drani Datta’s inbox.

Well, it’s a good thing the grey lady hasn’t succumbed to the “Challenges of the News Frontier,” and that may be due in part to the hard work of interns like Drani. She kindly loaned me her laptop momentarily, so I could publish a post about a calmer moment at Rachel Comey’s show on Dossier, and even brought me up for quick lunch before I had to hit the road for my next show: Cynthia Rowley, one of my very favorites (see notes from last season), at Gotham Hall. I was a little bit early (which is to say, on time) so I was nicely settled in my seat, and gazing happily at the ceiling when the rows began to fill up. 

I’m beginning to realize that I really love those few hushed moments in the dark, after the lights go down, but before the music begins to thump. (Maybe ladies like Rachel Comey and Cynthia Rowley exacerbate this by using terrific bands like Hex Message and Preacher and the Knife.) Of course, I adored what was to come marching down the runway too, but you’ll have to wait to read about that on Dossier

Since I didn’t have anywhere to work after the show, I headed back home to do my post for John Patrick Organic before turning around (without a wardrobe change) and heading back to the Bryant Park Library to cover the Concept Korea event, with Kristen Joy Watts on photography. Wonderful wing-girl that she is, Miss Mega-Watts held the camera to get this little video gem below: a dance number taking place in the very lobby I dashed through this morning in a rush to the reading room. 

And that brings us to this very moment, sitting at my desk, still wearing that dress, tapping away, supremely sleepy. 

If only there weren’t all those clothes on my bed.


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3 responses to “All’s Well That Ends Well

  1. Maybe it’s my ClaMo roots or my current island digs, but hands down you win for the most exciting life award.

    And the NBC shout out was clearly icing on a very decadent cake.

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