Pringle’s Pretty Pictures

Like many other luxury labels, the knitwear brand Pringle of Scotland is using video to convey their message–though the movie getting all the attention might not be the one you would might expect.

You, like me, may have read about artist Ryan McGinley directing the awesome and terrifying Tilda Swinton in a short film to feature Pringle’s collection. While lovely, and very evocative of the brand’s inspirations (much like Steven Alan’s Spring 2010 movie), it’s artist David Shrigley‘s cartoon tracing the story of a sweater that’s getting all the love on YouTube. Shrigley: 42,500, McGinley: 11,900. Maybe it’s just cause the cartoon is totally charming, or maybe…just maybe, customers are more interested in materials than in marketing?

I wish I could make this a closet case study, by showing you my awesomest Pringle sweater, but I haven’t got one. There is, however, an incredible intarsia number from the ’80’s currently haunting me from the sale rack at Portia and Manny. And that little cartoon only makes me want it more.

Thanks to the ever-on-top-of-it Katharine Zarrella for pointing it out.


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One response to “Pringle’s Pretty Pictures

  1. Oh. My. God. As I sit here still, at my computer, writing away at 7:00, I was thrilled as always to get a little email ping telling me you’d posted. But, I had no idea how happy this little slice would make me.

    This video is an example of sheer marketing/online brilliance.

    I’m not surprised at all that it’s this video, and not the scary one with Tilda, that’s getting the views and the attention. Picking off scabies, drunk sons, saying that all other sweaters are ‘crap’ – this is the stuff of viral. People want to laugh, dammit. Not be freaked out…I’m just sayin’…

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