A Well-Heeled Girl

Did you ever have one of those great first dates, where you just find yourself waiting for the other shoe to drop?

Well, I had one the other night.

My suitor was exceedingly cute (in a tie under his sweater!). The food was outstanding. The conversation came easily. We were having a great time, and decided we ought to go for a drink after dinner. As we left the restaurant, I missed a giant stoop. I tripped, he caught me. No problem–until I went to take another step, and found one leg to be considerably shorter than the other.

The other shoe–or heel, more specifically, had dropped–ripped clean off my boot. This pair (made in Italy by A.P.C.) came from INA, the consignment shop on Prince Street, and seems likely to be a sample, based on some analysis of the inner cobbling. In spite of an uneven keel, I pressed on until the end of what turned out to be a totally terrific date.

At least nobody got hurt.

If you have an NYC shoe repair shop you love, please advise.



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3 responses to “A Well-Heeled Girl

  1. Mike P

    There’s a good store on the 33rd St side of the Empire State Building (between 5th and 6th…closer to 6th). I can’t recall the name, but you can’t miss it.

    Glad you had a good date!

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