Government Undies

You know what’s weird? This story, from the front page of today’s New York Times about middlemen, or more specifically, middlewomen, who sell giant bras and behemoth undies to the government from their homes, is pretty weird.

Clothing a Hard-to-Fit Inmate is All in a Day’s Work for Governments’ Go-To Gals

Photo by Nathaniel Brooks for The New York Times

I especially liked this bit, when Florence Nicholas, a 69 year-old slipper-slanger, told the Georgia state government they need to catch up with today’s technology.

Take the bid specs that Georgia recently issued for broadcloth, explicitly asking for “domestic goods,” Ms. Corey noted.

“Everybody knows that there aren’t any domestic textiles in the U.S., or very few,” she said. “Very often, I have called the buyer to bring to their attention that the specifications don’t make sense,” she said. “And the answer I get is ‘Oh, we’ve been using the same specifications for the last 20 years,’ and I say, ‘Yeah, except technology has moved on.’ ”

Look, you can even see documents like this one, noting items like $162,627.00 worth of orange sneakers for Riker’s Island. Corey said she has generated as much as $2 million per year in sales.

If this journalism thing doesn’t work out, I suppose I always have my production experience.


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