Brand DNA

With this post, I’m introducing a new category to Closettour called “you know what’s weird?” Named in honor of my friend Laura’s favorite game to play on high school road trips, the category will join closet case study, denim diaries, in the field, news, and to market, Closettour’s current categories.

So today, you know what’s weird?

Branding an item with DNA.

Not figuratively, like when designers at J Mendel told me that a certain level of workmanship was “part of their brand’s DNA.” No, I mean, literally using DNA to brand an item. 

Massimo Gammacurta lollies from

According to a press release, Applied DNA Sciences, “the only company in the world that is making use of the complex codes embedded in botanical DNA as the ultimate solution to counterfeiting,” has struck up a deal with a Europe-based luxury brand to supply DNA markers that will be used to verify authenticity. They’re not saying which brand signed the deal, but it’s got to be someone with a good deal of clout. (LVMH? Gucci? Chanel? Hermés?) 

Louis Vuitton x Takashi Murakami: Designer QR Codes

image from

My money’s on LVMH. I’m imagining this will be used for luxury accessories, but how will one go about showing off their cutting-edge DNA marked handbag? And how will the layman know it’s not just another knockoff?

Maybe they’ll contract an artist to play with some DNA strand logos for their DNA branded bags. I can see it now…but who’s to say they won’t get cloned on Canal Street? 


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