Process and Production

I loved reading Michelle Slatalla’s Wife/Mother/Worker/Spy piece today in The Times, about what she, an impatient writer learned about herself and her creative process from her new sewing machine. 

I just finished a similar experiment, writing a 5,800-word story intertwining the design of J Mendel’s Pre-Fall collection with the act of composing the story. It was a story within a story, about the creative process–a bit of a mind-bender, but so much fun to write. (It was a final project for my Masters, if you’d like to read it, let me know. A 20-page assault on this website doesn’t seem right somehow.)

J. Mendel Pre-Fall 2010

J Mendel, Pre-Fall 2010, from

Anyway, Slatalla sort of did the same thing in column form today, providing a bit of insight into her process and its little tics via a story about garment (or, in her case, dish towel) production. 

We could take this a step further to compare the collective consciousness of creative types–designers and writers alike, but that might be taking this whole thing a bit far.

Let’s just go back to wondering what to wear.


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