Dress for Success

Well, guess what? CLOSETTOUR won a grant today, as one of the contestants in Jeff Jarvis‘ Entrepreneurial Journalism course!

I would hesitate to attribute my winnings to my wardrobe choice, but my colleague Collin Orcutt convinced me otherwise.

“That guy who asked where your sweater came from won it for you,” he said, referring to a fortuitous exchange during the Q&A that allowed me talk about the Italian yarn, a Malagasy factory, and how the sweater ended up in American stores.

Collin didn’t come out so badly himself. His idea won $20,000! I can’t tell you what it is, but I can give you a hint. When I complimented his shoes afterwards he said, “I wanted to look sporty.”

You’ll know soon enough. You might even sign up.

If Collin appeared sporty (and he did) then Maya Pope-Chappell looked, as she intended, “like an artsy professional.” Miss Pope-Chappell, editor-in-chief of Insight Magazine, looked beautiful in her plum jacket while she made her pitch, although, she said “it’s certainly not my usual.” I snapped this picture after her presentation was over, said jacket tossed aside. I think Maya looks like a work of art herself here, working hard, as always.

Earlier today another classmate, Valerie Lapinski, posted this quandary on Twitter: Big day. Big big day. Asking a panel of movers and shakers for $10,000. Cowboy boots, or heels? Had I been hip to Twitter-dom (and I’d say I will be soon) I might have replied (if you can reply on Twitter): boots! For Valerie’s proposal was all about intrepid women travelers. Alas, Val’s boots were too wet to wear, so she opted for the heels. Here we are preparing in the ladies room before the presentations.

A picture in the girl’s bathroom might seem creepy, but Val’s idea (which, again is proprietary for the moment) is about bringing brave women together in a safe venue, so this is sort of appropriate.

Meanwhile, Drani Datta, who has no interest whatsoever in fashion, “couldn’t be bothered” with wearing anything other than her comfortable uniform of jeans and a sweater today, but it didn’t really matter. Being able to say you’re a web developer for The New York Times is  the new black, so Drani was totally ahead of the game. Drani is an unlikely fan of CLOSETTOUR, which speaks exactly to her (again, proprietary) proposal, but suffice to say it would help someone like her find a strange source of enjoyment, like this one, on the Internet.

As for me, in the end it seems it paid, quite literally, to wear my heart on my sleeve.

Back to work!



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3 responses to “Dress for Success

  1. Check “Making it on CLOSETTOUR” off my bucket list. I guess “successful entrepreneur” is next…

    Congrats Jenni. Your grant is well deserved.

  2. Tama

    This grant is too exciting! Congrats Jennie!

    Hugs and kisses

  3. Drani

    So excited to be plugged on the most thoughtful, forward-thinking, and addictive fashion site out there. I’m so pleased for you and can’t wait for Phase 2 and beyond. And Jenni, you didn’t just wear your heart on your sleeve, but also your charisma, wiles, and modesty– not an easy combination to pull off!

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