A Piece of my Heart

Well, dear readers, my heart is pounding, because in less than an hour our Entrepreneurial Journalism class will have the opportunity to pitch our new media ventures to a pretty hard-hitting panel of venture capitalists and media pros. (Perhaps you’ve heard of David Carr or Daylife, or Outside.in?)

I’m a little nervous, but more excited, and as usual I was wondering what to wear for the occasion. So I opted for a comfortable combination that would remind me of the sorts of stories I’m hoping to tell one day, through a more developed version of CLOSETTOUR–because that, if you haven’t figured out, is the idea that I’m presenting. That’s why (so sorry) the blog has been a bit bare lately. 

So, there’s a little snapshot of what I decided to wear: my racing heart as I type before heading to the conference room at CUNY. I’ll fill in later with more details, and detail shots, but in the meantime: The sweater was made in Madagascar, of Italian silk and cotton yarn–I managed its production for Edun. The shirt underneath is Peruvian organic cotton and modal–also for Edun. And the necklace is from an amazing turquoise trader I met in Missouri a couple of weeks ago. She had incredible stories to tell, that for the moment I’m keeping close to my chest. Hopefully this presentation will be the first step towards more resources to pass stories like hers along.

I got a fortune on my teabag yesterday that said, “let your heart speak to other’s hearts.” 

Here’s hopin’…



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5 responses to “A Piece of my Heart

  1. Tama

    Good Luck Jennie! Closettour is great, I hope the panel appreciates and enjoys it as much as I have been.

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  4. HSA

    Good luck to you on this project.HSA

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