Quote of the Weekend

I had lunch yesterday with Michelle Goad, Merchandiser of Marc Jacobs Collection Accessories, and we talked, among other things, about these Monique Péan earrings which are made…wait for it…from the bones of wooly mammoths

Monique Péan Wooly Mammoth Earrings


I’m obviously curious about how a designer goes about obtaining ivory from a species that hasn’t walked the earth for about 12,000 years, and I’ll work on that. But in the meantime, I had to share the consistently candid and cute Michelle’s reaction:

“They look like banana chips, basically!  They’re so cool.”



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3 responses to “Quote of the Weekend

  1. Yes! Please investigate how on earth she got the material. Maybe “ancient” isn’t synonymous with “rare” and there’s a whole bunch of mammoth ivory lying around…but that just doesn’t seem right.

    • It doesn’t, does it? But, if you look at those tusks on the video, and then look at those little banana chips, it seems that one tusk or bone (mammoth ribs?!?!) could go a really long way.

  2. Ken

    Wooly mammoths sound very appropriate for the weather we are having! But do those earrings keep your ears warm?

    And they DO look like banana chips. But I guess you can’t call them mammoth chips, now, can you!

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