Fancy Meeting You Here!

This is the official welcome post for all the loyal readers who traveled over from this site’s former home at the Sartorialist’s Dilemma. The name for the Sartorialist’s Dilemma drew inspiration from two sources: the discerning taste of the Sartorialist and the heavily informed palate of Michael Pollan’s Omnivore’s Dilemma, a book based around the single question of what to have for dinner.

The spirit of CLOSETTOUR is the same as the Sartorialist’s Dilemma. It’s all about using our curiosity to open our collective closet doors, and travel the world learning about the origins of our clothing.

That idea is unchanged. But, as we all well know, sometimes we dress in different clothing to appeal to our audience. The personality is still there, but we have to find something that makes us and those around us feel comfortable. This was on my mind when I got dressed this morning, for my dress rehearsal for next week, when I’ll be pitching CLOSETTOUR to a panel of venture capitalists and media pros at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism.

I don’t think the point was to really get dressed for the rehearsal, but I can be pretty literal, and took this skirt for a test run.

It’s much shorter than my average get-up, and after a day in the trenches (here I’m pictured at 11:00 pm in the CUNY newsroom) I think that, like the Sartorialist’s Dilemma, it shows spunk, smarts, and savvy, but it might end up alienating a person or two. (And I might be in trouble if I drop a dry erase marker.)

So, CLOSETTOUR is the new name for this venture, but as for WHAT TO WEAR for next week’s presentation…I’m still WONDERING. If you have any ideas, please let me know–leave a comment!


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