TODAY in the NYC Garment District

Today in Manhattan, at 39th and Broadway designer Nanette Lepore will be leading a rally to Save the Garment Center between noon and 1:00 pm. A change of the zoning laws that protect the manufacturing spaces in NYC is threatening the neighborhood, home to what’s left of New York City’s fashion industry. Just in case you don’t believe anything is still made in New York, I’m pasting a picture below of Ari Magallanes (who works on 39th Street), working on a dress that is currently hanging at a boutique on Madison Avenue. (Maybe you’ll find out where in a story to come…)


Ari is one of the many talented dressmakers I worked with in my former life in fashion production, which also started on 39th street, where I worked for Cynthia Rose. Actually I’m going to have to break a date for alterations (on a vintage dress for another day) with one of Cynthia’s former sample-makers in order to check out the rally today. But I’m definitely going, so of course the question is, what to wear? I think for a rally in the Garment Center, it should be something made in the Garment Center, no? Here are a few options: (There’s a funny little thing in fashion called a clothing allowance, where you earn a modest salary + a set amount of clothing you might never afford.)


melon cashmere jacket from Cynthia Rose

This jacket is actually on extended loan from my sister, who it was made specially for. She adores it, but said she couldn’t really use it at home on the farm. (Go figure!) Lovely and soft, but a bit out of season–very spring, for October, I mean.


coated cotton voile top from Cynthia Rose

This is a body that we originally did in silk charmeuse, which is slippery shiny stuff, with lots of floral embroidery on the neck line. I adapted it in a coated cotton voile that’s just a bit metallic (it appears more so in this photo). It sort of balloons out nicely. (A sartorial sigh of relief that the balloon boy is grounded?)


black cotton voile jumper from Cynthia Rose (back)

This is a favorite–I photographed it from the back so you could see those giant buttons, which are made of horn. (Certainly there’s another story there. We’ll revisit that.) Anyway, this jumper is another piece that was never part of the Cynthia Rose collection, it was just development. (Remember the cancelled collection?)

It might be a little chilly for the jumper today, though I suppose I could layer it, either with a turtleneck underneath or a sweater on top. Likely the gold voile top will be the winner, with a sweater and jeans. (Don’t ask which ones. They all seem to have holes lately. More denim diaries to come.)

Here’s a trailer for Schmatta, a documentary that’s just aired on HBO about the Garment Center. I’ll report back on the rally, and hopefully have a review of the documentary soon too–just as soon as I get to see it. Okay, that’s all for now, folks. I’ve got to go get dressed!


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